GHG Over-Size Mallard Harvester Shell Decoys 12-Pack


Regular price $137.99 Sale price $149.99

Over-Size Duck Shell Decoys Perfect for big field spreads! Unlike other duck shells that are just duck decoys with the bottoms cut off, these shells are made from GHG full body ducks so their 5/8 body give the full effect from anywhere a duck can see them. They stack great too so you can store and haul up to 4 times more shells than FBM's, and their seamless design makes breast splitting impossible.

Key Features:

  • 6 Drakes and 6 Hens (feeders and actives)
  • Drake dimensions: Length: 15.875", Height: 17.75"
  • Hen dimensions: Length: 15.75", Height: 17.75"
  • One dozen Universal Motion Stakes
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